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Comments from some Musing readers - what it means for them:

You wrote, “I don’t know if anything I do will change the world or anyone else’s world.” Actually, you do. Know. Sometime in March 2007, you and I had coffee.  We talked about many things, and one of them was writing. You encouraged me to start a blog. On March 21 of that same year, I started my first blog, Recover Your Joy.  Jan 2012, I moved to DareBoldly.  I needed your encouragement to start that first blog and keep the momentum going. Your cheerleading kept me writing. And writing has changed my world and me. I know, from the many messages I’ve received, that many people have been impacted by what I write. In some small way, it changed them. I also know, from reading the comments other people write here, you’ve had the same experience many times of people writing in to tell you how what you wrote changed them. Just today, if you change anything, make it how you celebrate the amazing impact you’ve had on so many people’s lives just by turning up here every single day for over 20 years.  You’ve created thousands of ripples in that ocean that keeps rippling out as one person feels the ripple of your words and adds theirs to your ripple and yours to theirs. Thanks for the inspiration Mark – Louise Gallagher

It has become an enjoyable habit.  It allows me the opportunity to either question my alignment with a long-standing dear friend or identify those differences that provoke an internal dialogue that most often tends to broaden my position on life. My Life!, JJ

What a privilege that from Melbourne, Australia - I can enjoy Musings, thoughts, emotions and Pearls of Wisdom - far from the other side of the world, to provoke thought, consider alternatives, smile, sometimes weep and just to look forward to something every day, MD, Melbourne, AUS

I don’t know how or why I stumbled onto Musings some 20 or so years ago, but I do know it helped me gain the courage to change jobs and companies at 50 when common sense suggested otherwise.  It was a very good move for me, and I’ve been a devoted fan and eager editor ever since.  Not all Musings resonate for me, but many are very good, and some are pure gold, RH, Calgary, AB

Hello Mark, I look forward to reading your musings first thing in the morning - your positivity brings a smile to face the day, and you always provide food for thought, even though I may not always agree with what you’ve written. Keep on writing, EC, Toronto, ON

Mark, your column starts my day like driving my TR6, always shifting forward 1,2, 3 and 4, not looking back! Thank you, LA, Yellowknife, NT

Mark, I believe, you know, I am a big fan and supporter of yours. You have demonstrated grit, creativity, and perseverance in writing a musing every day for the last 20 years. And this is in addition to your other publications. I wonder, when you wrote that first column, whether you thought you would be looking back on the sheer volume of words you have produced and kindly shared with us, each day, for 20 years. It is a testament to your determination, focus and discipline.  You are a very talented and insightful writer.  I enjoy your wordsmithing and phrasing… RT, White Rock, BC

Every day, an email comes across the Atlantic, landing in my box at my busiest time. I rarely miss the read! There is always something which makes me feel I haven’t wasted those precious workday minutes. Thank you, VJ, Paris

I do not want to write a novel here, but two words immediately come to mind - Optimism - yours, and Connection - for me. Reading your morning musings is a ritual, starting some 20 years ago. I may not agree with some passages, but I always enjoy the reading. Over the years, I have taken away many of your interesting points of view and woven them into the individual of who I am now. The latest; is February 19, 2023, "Change your lens - see what's right with the world.” Thank you for your dedication and continuous ideas, JKE

Your column gives me a pause in my day where I get to consider another point of view on a wide range of topics and emotions. To agree or not agree is not the point. It is the shift in (my) thinking that matters. Thank you for your daily contributions to my day, ADL

Your Musings often evoke sweet memories of my life, DM

Reading your words every morning is one of my daily rituals. I enjoy reading about your personal explorations, your questioning, your struggles, and your honest thoughts on big and small matters. The thing that keeps me engaged and reading day after day is your willingness to be vulnerable which gives us readers a glimpse into your real life…not a perfectly curated social media life. Keep on keeping it real, Mark!, NM

Not all friends enlighten, but the good ones lighten - a day, or the sky or your load - they always do. Mark’s decision to walk and talk each day to a disparate group of friends, family, business colleagues, romantic interests, and just plain folks can be viewed as either vanity or generosity. Musings began like this…a plan to get outside and walk each day, to turn off the phone, to connect with nature, to exercise body and brain. But he also imposes this daily discipline upon himself to exercise the craft of writing. Writers write. As Mark connected with nature, stilling his often-frenetic energy and absorbing the subtle shifts and nuances of nature, there is less observation of distractions and more musings. It is said that when a human being is deprived of one of the five basic senses, the others are heightened in a compensatory effort. Mark cannot smell. But he has a heightened sense of compassion, humour, awe, and inquisitiveness. That he chooses to share this with his musing pals is a daily treat. - KT, Vancouver

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Writing a powerful piece - one that impacts someone's life, lightens their day or their load, there are few things that satisfying. I try, every day, to write better. Thanks for reading, Mark


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